Vintage 1920s Ladies French Ivory Celluloid Manicure 20 pc Travel Set

An amazing glimpse into women's beauty care from 100 years ago. This manicure travel set contains 20 tools: two shoe horns, a container with a nail whitener tube, emery board, nail whitener pencil, 3 button hooks, 2 metal emery boards, nailbrush, scissors, tweezer, 2 small round containers, buffer, and a few other nail tools. The set would make a fantastic display on top of a dresser or vanity.

Some of the pieces are made of celluloid which was often referred to as ‘French Ivory’ (it's not genuine ivory from animal tusks). Two tools have a marbelized celluloid handle. The case has a faux brown leather exterior with a rose-colored fabric interior. It folds up into a small traveling case. The pieces are held in place by two adjustable fabric straps.

In good vintage condition for its age, the set may be missing a piece or two and a couple of pieces are not from the original set. The interior fabric shows some wear. One small container has a cracked top. Some minor stains on the case exterior. Some tools have some tarnish and/or spots.

Size: Folded: 9" by 5-1/2"   Open: 9" by 20"

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