Vintage 1970s Sip and Strip Male Nude Disappearing Clothes Drinking Glasse

A naughty set of four 1970s tumbler glasses featuring gentlemen modeling. The men have lightly frosted white “clothing” which when filled with a very cold liquid, slowly fades away to reveal the nude underneath. These Sip and Strip Fantasy Glasses, were made by Spencer Gifts in the 1970s.  “Instructions: Pour a drink. Then add ice, in minutes men start to strip. For quicker action, moisten outside of glass. As moisture dries, clothing reappears.”

In very good vintage condition, works better when the outside of the glass gets wet. Some of these gents' “clothing” has faded over the years, leaving them partially/fully  “nude” to start.

Size: 5” high by 2-3/4”, 10.5 oz diameter

Handwash glassware in lukewarm water. Do not soak.