Vintage 1920s-1930s Original Incense Tins and Boxes Collection

Vintage 1920s and 1930s original tins and cardboard boxes. The packaging is beautifully designed, it showcases period typography and the colors are vivid considering its age.

The set contains:

  • Vantine’s Violet incense (with original metal cone incense shaper)
  • Vantine’s Wisteria incense with original metal incense holder
  • Vantine’s Gardenia incense
  • Rani Hindu Wisteria Incense
  • Senzodor Sandal Incense with 5 original incense cones
  • Waxelette Junior Lighting Tapers Box (with original tapers)
  • Two Hair Pins Cardboard Boxes (with 3 types of metal hairpins)
  • Gallo Lax Chocolate Laxative Tin
  • Kroma No. 95 Crayons box (with original candles)
  • Klean-M-Klean French Cream

Vantine’s was a well-known large importing house of Chinese & Japanese goods, opened in 1886 at Fifth Avenue & 39th Street, New York.

In remarkable condition for its age, with some dings, scratches, etc.

Sizes range from approximately 1” - 6"